4 Jul 2013

Consortium of Social Science Researchers in South Asia

Consortium of Social Science Researchers in South Asia (CSSRSA) is a membership organization of researchers in South Asia that share knowledge; provide leadership to bridge the gap between academic-practitioners-policy makers and rural communities for socio-economic and environmental development of the region. It creates an enabling environment for researchers to undertake research in development and environmental issues for cross-learning and empowering rural communities. Research carried out are relevant, futuristic and policy oriented to bridge the gap between academics, activist, field practitioners and policy makers. It establishes linkages and network with larger forum of researchers within and beyond South Asia for collaborative knowledge generation.

Secretariat Office

New-Plaza, Putalisadak,
Kathmandu, Nepal
P.O. Box No. 4494
Tel: 00977-1-6923365
Fax: 00977-1-4011119

6 Jun 2013

Letter to think....from Gail Omvedt to Arundhati Roy

How inclusive are we? Are we pro-development? Are we futuristic? 

The letter from Gail Omvedt to Arundhati Roy, questioning issues of identity, gender, inclusion, development, governance, environment, change, perspectives and many more still reverberate.


10 Apr 2013

Coming up....

Social Science Researcher's consortium ......

We need your support to get this organised. If interested please contact.

29 Mar 2013

Climate Change and Its Impacts

Climate Change and Its Impacts: Observations by the Villagers in Mewat 

by Satoko Okamoto & Aditya Bastola